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How to see through clothes using photoshop 7.0

Step 1: Select the eyedropper tool (make sure it says 3 by 3 average in the drop down menu at the top).
Step 2: Take the eyedropper and click on an area of the skin in the chest that isn't too dark, or too bright.
Step 3: Select the brush tool.
Step 4: In the Mode drop down menu select Hue.
Step 5: Set the opacity to 25%.
Step 6: Set the brush size to taste and hardness to zero.
Step 7: Paint over the breast area . This is where you need to use your best judgment. I went over it 3 times.

Now some of you may be satisfied with these results. For those of you who aren't, keep up!!!
Now I'm going to tweak her right (your left) nipple a little bit . This is one of those things you have to be creative with. It will end looking more natural and better defined.

Step 1: Select the burn tool.
Step 2: Set the Range to Highlights, the Exposure to 3%, and choose a brush size (hardness zero).
Step 3: I used this to darken the left side and a little bit of the right side of her nipple. Be careful here as you can go over board real quick. This is a tool that needs to be used subtly.
Step 4: This step depends on your tastes. I used the Dodge tool to make this nipple more closely resemble the other one. All I did was lighten the inner portion of her areola a little bit. When using the dodge tool in this way make sure the Range is set to Shadows, and all the other settings match the above Burn settings.

You Almost there. Just a few finishing touches. We are now going to define the shape of her right (your left) breast a little bit. Again this takes some creativity as you can mangle the shape if not careful. One quick note: When using Dodge if you have it set to Highlights (or Burn set Shadows) it will saturate the colors a little bit. Luckily in this lesson I teach you how to fix this. One other thing...Dodge/Burn work differently than the normal brush. When using these , it's like holding down the sprayer on a can of spray paint. As opposed to one smooth continuous stroke with the brush tool. So the longer you hold it down the darker or lighter (burn or dodge) it will get.

Step 1: Select the Burn tool.
Step 2: Set the Range to Shadows (same Exposure and brush settings as before).
Step 3: Here's the creative part. You have to visualize where the inside curve of her breast would be if the shirt was not there. In this case it's not all that hard. Use the Burn tool in long stroke to reveal the curve. Essentially what you are doing is darkening the shadow that are there. If you found the right spot you'll know it.
Step 4: Last thing we need to do for this part is to lessen the saturation of the are we just burned. If you look at any image you will notice that the Highlights (brighter areas) and Shadows (darker spots) have less color in them. To accomplish this we are going to use the Sponge tool. It's located in the same place as the Dodge and Burn tools. Make sure the Mode is set to Desaturate and Flow between 3% and 5%. Brush size shouls be roughly the same or smaller than what you use with the Burn tool. As usual; Hardness=Zero.
Step 5: Following the curve you just made; paint away the color a little bit at a time until it looks more natural.

You should now have something like this (it's a very subtle thing but adds to the effectStill awake? Remember it's the little details that can make a huge difference. Only this step and then clean up and we are done. This image actually only took me 5 minutes to do (and thats because I had tosave each step as a different file). All we are doing in this step is touching up the color a little bit.

Step 1: Select the Brush tool. It should still be set to Hue, so all we need to do is make sure we a have a good skin tone selected. If you like the one you already had just keep it. I used the Eyedropper and selected a tone that had a little more pink in it (on the arm). Paint over the work area until you are satisfied.
Step 2: Using the Eyedropper tool, take a sample of a light and not overly saturated area of her lips. For those of you who don't know this, usually a womans nipples and lips are similar colors. However if they are wearing lipstick, you might need to make up your own color to use. Don;t go too pink as it tends to look really unnatural. When in doubt, choose a skin tone and move the color slide a little closer to red. Now go over the nipples with this color until you are satisfied with the results.
Last step:
1.Now select the cloth by magnetic lasso tools.
2.then plays with image>adjustment>1.Level2.Auto Levels 3.Auto contrast4.Auto color5.Curves6.Color Balance7.Brightness/Contrast8.Hue/Saturation9.Selective Color10.Channel mixer111.variation (Do this step by step)
(step 2 details):
1.Image>adjustment>Level:set input level= 30 1.00 229 output Levels=0 225
2.Image>adjustment>Auto level
3.Image>Adjustment>Auto contrast
4.Image>adjustment>Auto color
5.Image>adjustment>curves:set input=72 output=50
6.Image adjustment>Color Balance>
color Level:cyan=68 Magenta=-8 Yellow=-57
brightness=+34 contrast=+45
9.Image>Adjustment>Selective color>
for Red
cyan=+22 Magenta=-17 Yellow=-30 Black=0
10.Image>Adjustment>Channel mixer>
output channel=Red
Red=+100 Green=-20 Blue=+36 contrast=-6
output channel=Green
Red=-18 Green=+122 Blue=0 contrast=-4
output channel=Blue
Red=-8 Green=+12 Blue=+92 contrast=+4
select sadows then ok

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